Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

By Shravan Gupta.

Mumbai: The Indian real estate growth projections are at an all-time high. Experts like Shravan Gupta, MGF group believe the sentiment makes it a buyer market. This phenomenon will continue till 2025 with an overall growth margin of 32%.  It has led to an overall increase in foreign investment. This trend will continue as more people are willing to invest in the Indian market. The government is also encouraging foreign investment in the realty sector. 


The people’s willingness to move home has led to an increase in the housing segment. Most prominent builders are developing tailor-made homes solely for the NRI Investment. This makes India an ideal destination for a home investment.


Enhanced transparency- The Government’s policies have become more transparent over the years. The GST factor has made foreign investment an exciting scenario. Some schemes have undergone changes boosting foreign investment in the sector. “Experts believe the zero-taxation rate for ready-to-move homes is the biggest selling factor.” Apart from this low GST in under-construction homes is also drawing new customers.


Competitive pricing- The price war is another attractive factor for foreign investment. Today it is easy to buy homes at an attractive and affordable home. These homes come with gardens, a pool and a mini theatre. This is likely to attract more customers and foreign investors. Another trend is Residential hotels where a person can live on lease for 3 years. This is a fine example of expat property development. 

In such homes, all the amenities are available in the same compound. This is likely to draw more foreign investors into the real estate sector. These come at an attractive lease price.

Some foreign investment in apartments is a rising phenomenon. People are willing to invest in large homes. Real estate experts like Shravan Gupta, MGF Group the housing prices are attracting new buyers. This trend is likely to continue till 2025.


Emergence of tier 2-3 cities- We are seeing more investments in the tier 2-3 cities. The market is growing at a steady rate here. Builders are specifically targeting these cities with grand and affordable projects. This change is visible in cities like Pune, Indore and Bangalore.

Hence the investment sector is likely to grow more in 2025. The growth of tier 2-3 cities is an optimum projection for India’s realty growth. 


World-class housing- Most cities are developing world-class houses. Most of these projects are in cities like Panvel and Indore. This has attracted more foreign investors to capture the Indian market. It is the right time to invest in Indian real estate.


Foreign investments in India have reached an all-time high. Thanks to several factors. Experts like  Shravan Gupta,  MGF Group, believe that this is a great opportunity for the real estate sector. In the long run, it is expected to boost investment in this sector, potentially leading to a new growth story.

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