Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

By Shravan Gupta.



Mumbai: Indian metropolitan cities have undergone a complete transformation and is on the rise. Despite the pandemic, real estate is booming, and the projections are bright for 2024 too. There have been some new trends in the real estate segment. The concept of Fractional ownership is a relatively new concept in the Indian market. But it is popular globally and is slowly catching up here too.


Fractional ownership seems just apt for the Indian market. Sometimes it is difficult to purchase a home due to lack of funds. In such a scenario Fractional ownership comes in handy. In a Fractional ownership is the concept of multiple investors investing jointly owning a fraction in high-end properties or commercial spaces. This model offers the benefits of pool funding for the ownership of a property. In the long run, it seems an immensely beneficial concept and is bound to thrive in India.

Here are some benefits associated with Fractional ownership. In hindsight, it eases the burden on the person buying the property. Instead of the lump sum payment, a person only pays a fraction of the money. This seems more beneficial for huge property investments. Apart from this, every investor can derive the rent from the property equally. Hence, it becomes an optimum source of income.

In the recent months, Fractional ownership has been in high demand. Shravan Gupta, MGF Group believes this has the potential to change the future of Indian real estate. There have been many world class constructions in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad. People prefer to live in big houses with amenities like Gym, Club House and much more.

The partial investment makes the fractional ownership a lucrative offer. And it boosts the sales in  the segments like home and commercial real estate. Some real estate experts feel Fractional ownership is more beneficial for a person investing in real estate like the mall and office spaces. One other reason can be due to the high cost of real estate. It makes it difficult to avail proper funding. In such a scenario, fractional ownership holds an immense appeal. 

The ease of investment model has made Fractional ownership a new success story. There are various reasons for this change like:

  •     There is an enhanced flexibility in the payment module.
  •     The risks associated with huge investments become less due to multiple investors. The risk is shared equally by all.
  •     All the profits and losses are shared equally amongst the investors.


The future of Fractional ownership is very bright. Shravan Gupta, MGF Group have recognized the needs of a growing market and boost this trend. Market experts feel the Fractional ownership market is projected to reach $ 3000 bn in India. With India becoming the IT hub, it is bound to attract more investments into this segment.



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